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Business of the Week: Lake Tahoe Master Framing

Contact: Doug Rousse

3440 Lake Tahoe Blvd.
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
(530) 541-8438
(530) 544-9752 Fax


The Custom Picture Framer Certification is one of the best ways to determine whether or not a frame shop has the expertise to handle your art properly and with the utmost attention to preservation. If you have valuable art, you want to know that your framer understands how to frame your work such that it can be taken out of the frame in 20 years exactly as it went in.

minutes 10/26/11

Minutes 10/26/11

Attendance Present: Joe, Leticia, Scott H, Scott M, Sherri, Larry M, Linda, Carolyn, Rich, Brian, Miguel, Doug, Tim, Robert, Gina, Maricel, Don Elston, Don Ewing, Steve, Carol, Rosie, Donna, France, Absent: Brandy, Larry S, Allen, George, Maggie Excused: Dan Guest: Lori Nelson

Guest Speaker: Lori Nelson, South Tahoe High School Career Center. Lori showed us a general scholarship application that students fill out to give us an idea of what information we can base our scholarship award on. Students find scholarships on a website www.CALocalscholarships.org where ours will be listed. They include a 300 word essay along with their application. Carol Daum was elected chair of our scholarship committee and Carolyn, Steve, and Donna will serve on the committee with her. The group was told that the best way to help the students is to present them with a check or a congratulatory letter requesting proof of college registration at the student awards night held next June. By giving the check to the student instead of the college it insures the money goes directly to the students instead of reducing the financial aid that may also be given to some students through FAFSA. Lori thanked our group for deciding to donate to student scholarships and posed for a photograph taken by Carolyn that LTBRN will use to promote our scholarship fund.

New Business: Welcome, Paula Peterson owner of Big Blue Concierges. She was voted into our group.

Old Business: France Carreau is going to complete the arrangements for our holiday party. It will be held at the Blue Angle Café on December 14th at 6p.m. The group will participate in a toy drive requesting each member to bring a new toy to the party. The club will pay ½ the cost for members to attend the event. The members will pick up the other ½ as well as, pay for their guest to attend.

Business of the Week: Tahoe Master Framing. Next Week: Tahoe Gutters

Next Week Guest Speaker: Tahoe Carpet Care

LTBRN Welcomes South Shore Glass

South Shore Glass & Door is owned by Steve and Donna Russell. Steve and Donna represent the 2nd generation of this family owned business, with over 40 years experience in the glass and door business. Bill Russell (our patriarch) purchased S. Shore Glass in 1972 and it has remained a family owned business, operating in the same location for the last 38 years.

We serve commercial and residential customers throughout the entire Lake Tahoe Basin and Carson Valley. You can rely on us to provide your quality products with honest and courteous service. As we have grown with Lake Tahoe, we have been involved in the construction of many of the premier projects in Lake Tahoe, including:

  • Sarotoga Springs – Minden, NV
  • Harrah’s Lake Tahoe
  • Harvey’s Resort
  • Sahara Tahoe / High Sierra
  • Lakeside Casino
  • Bill’s Casino
  • Park Tahoe Casino / Caesar’s Lake Tahoe
  • Heavenly Valley Ski Resort
  • Sierra Ski Resort
  • Lake Tahoe Airport Traffic Control Tower
  • Ridge Tahoe
  • Dayton Valley Homes – Howe Construction
  • Edgewood Golf Course
  • One Ring Road

minutes 10/12/11

Lake Tahoe Business by Referral Network Minutes 10-12-11

Attendance Present: Kim Wyatt, Don Elston, Carolyn Phillips, Don Ewing, Al Coster, Brandi Ledbetter Brown, Doug Rousse, Joe Zarachoff, Dan Spano, Tim Treat, Richard Klemer, Larry Marlow, Steve Kolesnik, Linda Wilkins, Maggie Wattle, Scot Hansen, Leticia Hansen, Maricel Brady, George Sariego, Mrs. Posada. Guest scribe: Paula Peterson

General Business Meeting : called to order by Dan Spano at 8:05 am.

Business of the Week is Robert Klemer Jewelry. He is on the website and Facebook as such.

Report of Board Meeting:

a) Reminder that members need to attend 7 meetings per quarter. One member not in compliance this quarter so they need to make sure they attend at least 7 next quarter.

b) 90 day probationary period for members who have been in business less than 1 year. If they are accepted into membership they pay their dues but are on probation. If the group decides they aren’t a right fit within the 90 days their money is refunded.

  1. Al expressed concern that proposed member Ben might overlap his business during the winter and other slow periods and that it might be a conflict.

c) The board accepted Brandi’s proposal to produce a promotional video for the group. The cost is $50 per person to promote LTBRN. She showed all in attendance a video she did for the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce which is along the lines of what she’ll do for the group. Each business will be highlighted which is a way to market each individual and the group as a whole. Each member can use it for their website and promotions too. The first 5 members to sign up will be on the first video. It will always be 2 minutes long so no room for more than 5. The 2nd 5 on the list will be in the next video, and so on.

d) Printing of brochures/coupon books: it costs $579 for 250 books. Each year the books will be printed in January and June instead of 4 times a year. It will be evaluated to see if printing more or in a different format will be more feasible in the future.

Trying to get back to making sure our businesses are mentioned each week during the meeting. Make it fun but also make sure we start meetings at 8 am so all can get their time.

Dr. Brady of Integrated Wellness Center was highlighted this week. She’s been in business for 11 years, starting off in Folsom, CA. She provides general chiropractic care but her niche is sports and family care. “Take care of the spine and you take care of the nervous center, then all else falls into place.” Dr. Brady went around the room and worked on necks and upper spines which were very much appreciated! She discussed the following:

Basics to increased quality of life and health:

  1. Adequate sleep – get at least 8 hours
  2. Adequate exercise – 30 minutes every other day to start
  3. Adequate nutrition-fat, protein, carbs in the right percentage. Use the new plate guide (which replaced the old food pyramid).
  4. Adequate spinal hygiene-good posture, good sleep position (side is the best, try using a pillow between your knees and/or hug a pillow).
  5. Positive mental attitude

Perspective member: To be email blasted out. Ashley Luna of “Pawfections” has been proposed.

Thanks: France now has a Yellow Pager Facebook page that Brandi helped her set up. She needs 50 “likes” so go by her page and “like” her!

Carolyn suggested that we get a business card binder started so there are always member’s cards on hand when needed. It was authorized for her to purchase one.

Meeting adjourned.

minutes 10/19/11

Minutes 10/19/11

Attendance present: France, Donna, Maggie, Carol, Don Elston, Maricel, Gina, George, Brian, Allen, Rich, Kim, Linda, Sherri, Scott M, Joe, Absent: Leticia, Scott H, Larry S. Larry M, Miguel, Doug, Tim, Robert, Don E, Steve Excused: Dan

General Business Meeting: We had a wonderful mixer last week with many members attending. We are planning our next “Holiday Party” saving the date for December 14th at 6:00p.m. The group will check with Brian and Rosie on costs of catering. The group pays for our member’s dinner and our members cover the cost of bringing a guest. Brandy has volunteered to have it at her home. We will also have a white elephant gift swap.

Joe took us down memory lane showing what our 2003 brochures used to look like, along with our old logo. He also brought in “excellence in service” certificates that members received each year. The group also used to print a paper of “the only numbers you need to know” with “ask a professional” printed on the back of it, highlighting Pioneer Appliance Repair. A suggestion was made to bring back the “ask a professional” question and answers and post them on our website.

Brandy already has 20 sign-ups for the promotional video she will produce. The first video will highlight five of our members randomly selected, using a combination of very different types of businesses to make it interesting.

Next meeting: Guest speaker, Affordable Business Services

Business of the Week: Dr. Brady – Integrated Wellness Center. Next week: Good Dog

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