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Minutes April 25, 2012

Lake Tahoe Business by Referral Network

April 25, 2012

MINUTES – General Meeting

Attendance: George Sariego, Donna Russell, Larry Marlowe, Paula Peterson, Joe Zarachoff, Carol Daum, Sherri Hughes, France Carreau, Linda Wilkens, Leticia Hansen, Scot Hansen, Maggie Wattle, Brian Cohen, guest Mandy Kendall.

Speaker of the Day: Donna Russell, South Shore Glass

Donna says Steve is always at the office since they open at 8 am so she is able to attend meetings, or Tim comes to represent them.

They’ve been in business for 40 years! Her father-in-law Bill opened the shop and sold it to his sons, and now just Steve and Donna run it. They do repairs, sell glass, windows, doors , parts and green cleaning supplies which she shared with everyone at the meeting. They have a full time staff of installers to take care of all your window, door and glass needs.

South Shore Glass is in the process of remodeling their showroom and ready to celebrate their 40th Anniversary. They rented out space in the back of their shop to Southwest Gas so expect more foot traffic.

Scot says they epitomize what LTBRN is all about with their professionalism and ethics.

Business of the Week: Design Scapes


George glad to be back and catching up with everything.

Scot and Leticia went to the TRYP Easter Egg hunt and said iw as fun.

Linda reminded all that it’s Administrative Assistant Day.

Brian has new Alaskan King Salmon and Halibut in. Bought a new grinder so it will give him extra time every day.

George’s mother board fried so he reminded all to back up their info on computers! Next week he’ll talk about cloud services and google drive.

Business News:

Mandy invited by Brandi. She was a chiropractor in England, saw the huge benefit of natural health therapy. She has started the Health Connective, a coalition that connects people with resources and doctors. She sells supplements which are isotonic, highly effective. She’ll evaluate and use what targets your body, dna and lifestyle.

Anne Carlson was a guest of Paula and potential new member. She is a life coach, food psychologist.

Potential new member: Anik Dean with Anik’s Books, a bookkeeping service.

Scholarship committee needs another committee member to read applications by April 30. Awards night is the end of May. We’ll put a picture in the news and facebook. Criteria is 1 boy and 1 girl with a GPA between 3.0 and 4.0 who want to go into business or parents are in business.

Thank yous:

Joe thanked scot and Leticia for a referral and Dan and Jana for a referral.

Scot thanked Sherri for his website – modern, nice looking and appreciated her level of professionalism.

Larry thanks Scot for his rack card purchase. Thanked Linda for her business as well.

Business of the Week: Design Scapes

Contact: Carol Daum, ASID, CA, NV, NCIDQ Certified

P.O. Box 550160
Tahoe Paradise, CA 96155
Shop at Home by appointment

(530) 577-4729


Providing “Life-Enhancing” design service since 1989 in the areas of:

  • Custom Window Coverings, Blinds, & Shutters – Offering FREE Estimates
  • Kitchen & Bath Design
  • ADA Interior Compliance
  • Health Care Design
  • Hospitality Design
  • Real Estate Staging
  • Remodels and New Construction
  • Electrical and Lighting Plans
  • Consultations for framing, lighting, paint colors, furniture layouts
  • Cabinet Elevations & Tile Layouts and Designs
  • Design consultations for functional aging in place, children and chronic medical conditions

Minutes 4/11/12

Lake Tahoe Business by Referral Network

April 11, 2012

MINUTES – General Meeting

Attendance: Brandi Ledbetter Brown, David Smith, Doug Rousse, Scot Hansen, Tim Treat, Gina Beal, Donna Russell, Don Elston, Leticia Hansen, Richard Kahn, Sherri Hughes, Paula Peterson

Speaker of the Day: Gina Beal, The G Team

Gina owns the G Team. She started it more as spite for to her ex-husband . She had owned 3 mobile homes in town and Gil worked for her on the homes. Many loved his quality of work and the word spread. They now do everything someone doesn’t have time to do…yards, snow removal, house cleaning, honey do lists, spring clean up, vacation home maintenance and more. They also install Life Alert and clean cancer victim’s homes for 6 months during/after treatment.

Gina says the best move she ever made was joining LTBRN and says she is very lucky to have found such a great partner.

Business of the Week: Cakes By The Lake


Mandy Kendall of the medical collaborative will be at next week’s meeting – is interested in joining. Tony Driscoll from KRLT is expected as is Anne Carlson, Life Coach. One good thing to remember when looking for perspective members: what can they do for us and what can we do for them? We need to make sure there are benefits both ways and not just in one direction.

Apple, yes Apple, has a virus going around! GO to drweb.com for assistance…insert your IP address and they’ll tell you if you got the bug or not.

TRYP is having a belated Easter Egg hunt on April 19. Brandi is asking for any members that can donate a coupon for their eggs to see her by April 15.

Tahoe’s Best voting is going on right now….many of the categories are ones our members can be nominated for. Vote today!

TPH open house on Friday, April 13 from 6:30-9 pm

It was noted that only 12 members were at the meeting and we wondered where everyone was.

Business News:

Al and all other members no longer in the group have been taken off of the website.

Leticia has applied for a director position with Mary Kay. She’s very excited and looking for women who would like a career change to work in the business.

Thank yous: Scot thanked Donna for his new window and Sherri for what she’s been doing for his business. Dr. Kahn thanked everyone. Don E thanked Donna for his new window too. Donna thanked everyone for their business and thanked all involved in Business Expo. Gina thanked Leticia for Valentine’s Day present and Brian for Valentine’s Day dinner. Doug thanked Paula for being able to see his desk and Brandi for her grand opening order. Leticia thanked everyone in the group for their business support. Sherri is doing a promotion for Barton (becoming a “quiet” hospital) and thanked Redwood for laminating her posters, thanked Brandi for her work and Scot for his jobs and for being flexible. Tim didn’t have anything specific, just gave words of encouragement that the economy is heating up. David thanked Scot for his Facebook participation. Brandi thanked Doug for supplying the chocolate, Sherri for her pamphlet David for her App.

Don said he picked up a job from our website!

Board and Meeting Minutes 2/1/12

Lake Tahoe Business by Referral Network

February 1, 2012

MINUTES – General Meeting

Attendance: David Smith, George Sariego, Tim Treat, Brandi Ledbetter-Brown, Sherri Hughes, Donna Russell, Gina Beal, Linda Wilkins, Don Elston, Brian Cohen, Leticia Hansen, Scott Hansen, Al Coster, Maggie Wattle, Paula Peterson

Speaker of the Day: Doug Rousse unable to attend, next on list was Steve Kolesnik was not present, and neither were next two on list. Scott Hansen will fill in.

Business of the Week: Massage at Tahoe

Announcements: The following people have left the group: Carolyn with Kizmetech, Lydia and Miguel from Sierra Vinyl Signs, Paige from Tahoe Best Friends. Doug is dropping the framing portion of his membership and will represent Lake Tahoe Chocolate Factory.

Paula will fill in as secretary due to Carolyn’s departure.

Dues are now past due. Please see Joe with your payment.

Important to start bringing in new members in light of the above mentioned drops. Try and bring in one potential member per member. Maggie suggested the new owners of “Ducks on the Lake.”

David gave an update on the mobile application for LTBRN.

Brochure and business card update: We don’t need to order more cards so see George if you need a supply. We will go back to the tri-fold brochure to keep costs down. Coupons will appear on the website and mobile app.

Important: Make sure we have your current information on file for the brochure!

Presentation of the week: Scott Hansen filled in with an update on appliances and going green. He’s always been green as he tries to fix instead of replace. Reduce, Reuse, Repair. He’s been busy due to a poorer product out in the market. Energy Star requirement that US manufacturers must meet create higher costs but not a better item. Dishwashers are the biggest complaint…lower water requirements but that doesn’t clean the dishes.

Business announcements: Leticia let those present know about the specials she has for Valentine’s Day. She has packages available for $15 and up.

Mark announced the annual Steak and Lobster special at Overland. He also let everyone know that they will see higher beef and chicken prices due to reduced herds. It is a 61 year old record on prices. He won’t raise the prices on his Oregon beef until at least summer.


Attendance: Joe, George, Brandi, Scott, Paula. David was present to explain the mobile app costs.

Agenda Items:

Mobile App: Cost will be reduced for LTBRN to $500 plus $40/month hosting fees. Will need someone to manage the app each month (input, coupons, etc).

The budget has about $2000 for the year for marketing, so mobile app would leave the group $1020.

Suggested that every member bring in one potential member to help keep money in the bank.

It was voted on to raise new member fees to $75 to cover the additional costs with their being added to the app.

Voted on to participate in the Chamber’s Business Expo on March 30. Instead of a $300 table we will go on the community table for $85. Members can then circulate during the event and invite business owners to our meeting.

Brandi suggested that we work on branding ourselves with a consistent color, consistent logo, consistent message. Sherri has logo set and we’ll look into having the blue of the website the same as the brochures and future business cards. People will recognize the color/logo.

Joe will resend out invoices from members who haven’t paid dues yet.

Kim Wyatt has requested a LOA.

Reminder of LOA requirements: dues must be paid, just relieved of attendance requirements.

Paula will work on a procedure list for what our steps are for new members. All applications in one place, as is paperwork, etc. Will try and get all minutes and other documents on google docs.




Minutes 4/4/12

Lake Tahoe Business by Referral Network

April 4, 2012

MINUTES – General Meeting

Attendance: Brandi Ledbetter Brown, David Smith, Sherri Hughes , Robert Klemer, Brian Cohen, Doug Rousse, Tim Schultz, Maggie Wattle, France Carreau, Kae Reed, Steve Kolesnik, Scot Hansen, Larry Marlow, Tim Treat, Paula Peterson /guest: Cindy Smith, David’s wife

Speaker of the Day: Paula Peterson, Big Blue Concierge

Has lived in South Lake Tahoe since June of 1979 after moving to town for a summer after graduating from Cal Poly. Born in SF, grew up in Fremont, then off to college. While at Cal Poly Paula worked in news and music on KCPR and wrote and participated in a radio serial with Weird Al. Since in Lake Tahoe, has raised 3 sons and 1 daughter. The eldest just graduated from SFSU while spending his senior year in Japan. The twins are 25 and one just graduated from UNR and the other is studying to be a Paramedic. The youngest is in 8th grade. After 31 years in the casino industry she had to reinvent herself and, because of her extensive customer service, what better business than a concierge? Things are still in the beginning stage, but with her book of what to do, current events and plans on having the 2nd home owners and visitors become more connected to what our area is all about.

Business of the Week: Blue Angel Cafe


Business expo: was a great event. David gave away a free app and many others spread the word about LTBRN. Doug ended up on the front page with his picture. Suggested that if we participate next year we should buy a full table.

New member proposals: Krista Kline is a life coach and conflicts with Paula’s proposed member. Will talk to Anne Carlson to check on her plans. KTHO’s Tim Driscoll is interested as is Mandy Kendall of the Health Connective. Please let the board know if you have any objections.

App update: Still need members to submit their info & $15. Waiting on George to let David know about what is needed on buttons. New feature on the app is the business of the week so a perfect time for people to put out a coupon. The app can be personalized with gps based coupons and much more.

Business News:

Brian had a great night at the business expo. He just supplied hot Italian sausage to Lake Tahoe Pizza and bacon to Lake Tahoe Chocolate Factory.

David is the new F & B Director at Lake Tahoe Golf Course. Stay tuned to $5 specials.

Robert is the speaker next week but cannot make it. Can anyone trade him weeks? He said Cardinale had the best March ever..great deals with Toyota right now.

April 13 is Brandi’s TPH grand opening from 6:30-9 pm. She’ll have an interactive tour, chocolate from Doug, and wine.

Thank yous: Steve thanked Brian for some fabulous ribs.


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