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Business of the Week: Lake Tahoe Chocolate Shop


Contact: Doug Rousse

lake tahoe candy shop55 Highway 50
Stateline, NV 89449
(At the street entrance of Montbleu by the Fountains)
Phone: 775-586-8900


Lake Tahoe Chocolate Shop has 2 retail locations in South Lake Tahoe.

We now sell all of our chocolate on our website for delivery to your home or in-store pick-up.

Montbleu Casino Shop:
55 Highway 50
Stateline, NV 89449
(At the street entrance of Montbleu by the Fountains)
Phone: 775-586-8900

Sun – Thurs: 12PM – 5PM
Fri – Sat: 12PM – 11PM

Factory Shop:
152 B Hwy 50
Stateline, NV 89449
(Between Dart Beverage & Lakeside Inn)
Phone: 775-588-4686

Mon & Tues: 12PM – 5PM
Wed – Sat: 11AM – 5PM
Sunday: 12PM – 4PM

We’re South Lake Tahoe’s only locally owned, family operated chocolatier. All of our hand-crafted chocolate and fudge is made on site at our two South Lake Tahoe shop locations.

Stop in to try one of our signature favorites like Dark Chocolate Covered Bacon, S’mores, Tahoe Bark, Handmade English Toffee, Chocolate & Caramel Dipped Pretzels, Chocolate Gummy Worms and so much more. Or enjoy our large selection of finely crafted Truffles, Fudge and Caramels.

Minutes 5-16-12

Lake Tahoe Business by Referral Network

May , 16, 2012

MINUTES – General Meeting

General Meeting:

Attendance: Brandi Brown, Richard Kahn, Linda Wilkins, Doug Rouse, Tim (SS Glass), Gina Beal, Scot Hansen, Leticia Hansen, Joe Zarachoff, George Sariego, Anik Dean, Brian Cohen, Paula Peterson/ Guest Anik Dean

Speaker of the Day: Linda Wilkins, Farmer’s Insurance

Farmer’s Insurance sells any type of insurance you need…auto, home, life, bonds. Selling a lot of 2nd homeowner policies right now due to all the homes selling. Very important for businesses to have Commercial Policies no matter if you own, rent or lease. If you lease you’ll need tenants liability or fire/damage liability. Good to include business income in policies in case you’re unable to earn money due to fire or loss. Include stock, equipment, business property coverage. Contractors need to have policies that cover their tools and supplies. Crime coverage covers theft by employees and coverage in case sued due to wrongful termination or sexual harassment. Have liability to cover people getting hurt/slips and falls.

Typical business deductible is $2500 and there is no deductible on liability. That covers legal defense as well, if needed in case of bogus claims. There is insurance for electronic equipment and data. Video taping contents of home and business is suggested as it’s hard to remember (or, at times, prove) what you had…important especially if things are appreciating.

Important message: be properly covered!

Business of the Week: Linda Wilkins

Announcements/Business News:

Anik’s 3rd meeting so she was excused at the end for a vote. She is now a member.

Gina is taking July off as an LOA to travel to Germany with her mother.

Kae Reed has resigned.

Potential members that will be published: Elaine Goodman, Frank Biesel, Krista Kline, Michele Santos. Anne Carlson is unable to join at this time so invitation was extended to Krista.

Al Coster, Jr.’s memorial is on Friday, May 25 at 10:15 at St. Theresa’s.

Doug signed a lease at MontBleu..it’s official. He’ll name it Lake Tahoe Chocolate Shop

Brandi told all about the TRYP educational series. This week is Business CPR..at LTVA with after party at Lakeside.

Thank Yous:

Scot thanked George for making a house call to go through and clean up his computers…an invaluable service to have someone that goes out to Woodfords.

Brian thanked Joe for credit card services and Doug seconded that.

Joe thanked George for his sound card.

Brandi thanked Brian for awesome fish, thanked Doug for his continued business, thanks Big Blue Spa for fixing her spa..called them the Spa Ninjas.

Maggie thanked France for her new phone.

George thanked scot for continued support. Thanked Dan and Larry Sabo for their continued support and to Larry M for having him out to the office to fix the disaster.


Minutes 5-9-12

Lake Tahoe Business by Referral Network

May 9, 2012

MINUTES – General Meeting

General Meeting:

Attendance: Larry Marlowe, David Smith, Brandi Brown, Richard Kahn, Robert Klemer, Don Elston, Gina Beal, Scot Hansen, Leticia Hansen, Maggie Wattle, Joe Zarachoff, George Sariego, Anik Dean, Carol Daum, Brian Cohen, Dan Spano, Paula Peterson/ Guest Anik Dean

Speaker of the Day: Joe Zarachoff – moved Joe to a new spot due to conflicting speaker schedules.

Business of the Week: Cakes by the Lake

Announcements/Business News:

Everyone introduced themselves and told about news and specials if any:

Leticia has 20% off her Miracle Set this month.

Gina is aerating lawns this week.

Don says he’s generating business from our website.

Scot says Pioneer Appliance Repair has always been green…fixing and not buying new is always green!

Maggie expanded her services as she bought a pool refinishing business out of Reno.

Roberts has lots of cars @Cardinale..no time like now to buy. Also, nice 14k gold jewelry for Mother’s Day.

Brian says overland is growing ever since he switched gears. Now marinating meats, fresh fish Fridays, keeping a diversity in suppliers to always have good fish and meat, and heavily using Facebook….now up to 700 fans.

Video schedule: Linda, Scot and Dan. Paula will set up YouTube channel to host all the videos as well as posting to website.

Discussion: Steve K is no longer a member of the club, Mandy was not accepted into membership due to a skincare sales conflict with current member. Wanted to make sure Sherri understood we want her as a member in her category of graphic and web design and that the open category of web development vacated by Carolyn is still open.

In order to avoid problems, a reminder that sponsors need to check out the potential member before proposing them to the club: business license, insurance, work background in town, conflicts in categories. It is a challenge when wanting to grow as a group but conflicting or overlapping businesses prevent that.


Board Meeting Minutes May 2, 2012

Lake Tahoe Business by Referral Network

May 2, 2012

MINUTES – Board Meeting

Board Meeting:

Scholarships: Taylor Shearer was the girl winner and Dustin Goodyear was the boy. Awards issued at a school ceremony on May 31. She’d like a couple of other members there for the presentation.

High school wanted to know if the group would be continuing with the scholarship but we can’t commit until the next year’s budget is in place.

Member Actions:

1) Don from Cakes by the Lake applied for a LOA and paid annual dues. Joe will contact him to see how things are going and when he expects to return.

2) Steve K: dues not paid for 2012. George will talk to him and he’ll be removed from the website and group.

3) Proposed member Mandy Kendall sell skin care products on her website and Leticia expressed concern that it was a conflict to her business. No competition clause of the group was discussed and George will call Mandy to inform her of the board decision.

4) Proposed member Michelle Santos of Belfour Home Restoration Services: she is interested in joining but G Team had expressed concern that they are competition. The services offered by each are not the same so Paula will discuss with Gina and see if she’s still opposed.

5) It was discussed that a member shouldn’t have to defend themselves.

6) We need to seek a Web Designer /SEO for the open category. Sherri is in the club as a Graphic Designer so the web design category is open.

Minutes May 2, 2012

Lake Tahoe Business by Referral Network

May 2, 2012

MINUTES – General Meeting

General Meeting:

Attendance: George Sariego, Paula Peterson, Joe Zarachoff, Carol Daum, Sherri Hughes, Linda Wilkens, Leticia Hansen, Scot Hansen, Kae Reed, Dan Spano, Doug Rousse, Don Elston, Robert Klemer, guests Mandy Kendall and Anik Dean

Speaker of the Day: George Sariego, Tahoe Computer Solutions

He’s been in Tahoe for 5 years. Originally from Miami, he’s Cuban-American. 12 years ago he moved to Costa Rica, met a woman, lived there for 6 years, came to Tahoe via Miami after having kids. He owned a video game store in Tahoe, got broken into more than once so got into computer repair and networks. Works out of his home but travels and picks up and delivers computers at no extra charge for LTBRN members. Low prices, excellent and special services are offered by TCS. He custom builds computers, servers, installs networks, printers, helps MAC and PCs work well together, data back up and recovery and remote repair. Free tech advice via email!

Cloud Favorites: Sky drive, box.com, drop box, google drive. Skydrive is free storage up to 25gb. You sign in, upload, shaer and encrypt. Also a document reader and Microsoft office. Box.com has 50gb free storage but can’t sync with folders on your computer. Drop box is his favorite. 5 gb free for free, free synchronization, can sync outlook, get 500 mb for free per person if you get others to sign up..up to 16 MB of storage. Drop box and google drive are cool services-have apps for phone, photos, documents.

Joe commented that he is happy with sugar sync as his cloud service. It keeps documents on all computers synced and alike.

All is safe to use!

Business of the Week: Dr. Kahn

Announcements/Business News:

Mother’s Day present from Massage at Tahoe: 90 minute massage for $80 instead of $120.

Dan launched a new website for Paradise Real Estate. He let everyone know how the Lake Tahoe real estate market is exploding…he’s excited about the market and the website. Read the Sacramento Bee’s article about 2nd home owners flocking to Tahoe.

Scot is very excited about his new website too.

Robert said that if you’re looking at purchasing a vehicle that trade in values are at an all time high, the highest that he’s seen in 25 years. SUV and Trucks have 0% financing. For Mother’s Day he has jewelry specials so don’t forget mom!

George updated the group on a local attorney putting together a class action lawsuit against AT&T for those who’ve experienced cell phone theft. They want AT&T to block the stolen phones so they can’t be used.

Missing members….haven’t seen David Smith or Steve Kolesnik lately

Today is a board meeting…all members are welcom

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