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Business of the Week: Linda Wilkins Insurance

The business of the week is Farmer’s Insurance. Linda Wilkins is your local Farmer’s Insurance agent. Are you tired of waiting for some phone representative to answer your personal questions or handle your claims in a time of need?

Linda is in the business of helping you get back where you belong when the unexpected happens. She can help you plan for emergencies and to help restore order to your world when the unexpected happens. Even when undergoing a life change, you need to think about insurance. Linda can help take the stress out of these situations. Call Linda Wilkins with Farmer’s Insurance for all of your insurance needs.


3053 Harrison Avenue, #202

South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150


Business of the Week: Blue Angel Cafe

Blue Angel Cafe and foliageThe Blue Angel Cafe is locally owned and operated. They offer eclectic and traditional lunch, and dinner fare. The prices are reasonable and they provide great food in a comfortable and casual atmosphere.Their current specials are – Monday: Tater Tots $4 from 3-6 pm, Tuesday: Taco Tuesday $2.99 from 3-6 pm, Wednesday: $7.99 Pasta Night, Thursday: Wine Therapy 50% off a bottle of wine, Friday: Fish and Chips $13.99, Sunday: Eggs Benedict 11 am-3 pm, Sunday Roast $13.99. Happy Hour Specials daily from 3 pm to 6 pm.

The Blue Angel Cafe also offers on-site or off-site catering. Wedding parties can be held in their newly remodeled banquet hall.

Contact Rosie for a quote at 530-544-6546 or visit their website and Facebook for more information.

Contact them now for their tasty holiday dinners!

Minutes 6/15/11

Minutes 6/15/11

Attendance Present: Dan, Carol, Leticia, Scott, Larry S., Don, Larry M., Linda, Brian, George, Miguel, Gina, Robert Absent: Sherri, Rich, Tim, Excused: Joe, Allen Guest: Scott Mara – Good Dog

Guest Speaker: Robert Klemer spoke about his fine gold jewelry. He carries bracelets, earrings and necklaces. You can shop with him by appointment. He brings his selection to you so you don’t need to spend ½ day shopping and gas to purchase your wife a gift. Your price would be 50% of what it would be in stores. Starting at $100- $1500. These prices are before the gold price spike and are pre economy driven. If you are looking for something special, Robert is a phone call away at 530-318-4058.

Robert also sells new and previously owned vehicles at Cardinale Way. Robert has been the Subaru national champion and is now a broker for Subaru’s if you need a Subaru. Robert was also elected the best car dealer in Tahoe through the “Best of Tahoe” awards through the Tahoe Daily Tribune. Cardinale owns 12 other dealerships in Salinas, Monterey, Sea Side, and Mesa, AZ to name a few. Robert has sold approximately 2500 vehicles over a 26 year period. An advantage to purchasing your car here in CA over NV is that CA only charges a $55. document fee, where in Nevada, it can cost anywhere from $300-$500.

The popular Prius gets 51 MPG. Dealers have been marking them up $2000 higher than the MSRP due to its demand. The Prius has 3 engines in it…two electric and one gas. They come with 2 year, 25000 warranties. Robert works at Cardinale Way 9a.m. – 7p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

New Business: If you do not have a website you can have a web presence with a “Place Page” through Google. Anyone with a website should do one also for more exposure. Audrey has been busy capturing key words for our groups businesses through Google Analytics and adding new titles and descriptions…and she will be our guest speaker next week on June 22.

Next Meeting: Guest speaker, Audrey is back to teach us more about social network marketing and website optimization!!!

Business of the week: Pioneer Appliance Repair, Next week – Blue Angle Cafe

Business News for June 2011

The Lake Tahoe Business Referral Group has decided to sponsor the local Boys and Girls club benefit concert. Miguel Posada from Sierra Vinyl Signs has been helping this cause for the last couple of months and brought the idea to the group. 100% of the proceeds from this concert will go to the Boys and Girls Club of South Lake Tahoe. The concert is Friday July 1st at the Lake Tahoe Community College Duke Theater. Come enjoy the show and support a good cause! You can RSVP to this event on facebook but it is not required.

Minutes 6/8/11

Minutes 6/8/11

Attendance Present: Dan, Carol, Leticia, Scott, Don, Larry M., Linda, Rich, Brian, George, Gina, Robert. Absent: Miguel, Tim, Excused: Sheri, Larry S., Allen, Joe

Guest Speaker – George, Tahoe Computer Solutions. George has been in the computer business since 1995. He has been in business in Tahoe five years this September. He specializes in custom built computers, and he also manages networks for hotels. Other services he provides are virus removal, true personalization, removing junk software, and he has a new service providing remote PC health monitoring. This entails “log me in rescue” warnings of hard drive trouble, RAM memory getting low, virus intrusion, and overheating. This means he can fix your computer in an emergency from his location without you needing an appointment to meet or be there. He offers this service for only $49 per year to monitor your computer once a month.

George custom builds a new computer for as low as $449 including windows 7, and good antivirus software. His custom built computers offer better quality, high performance brand name parts and energy efficient components. Another difference in the quality of computers George builds is that they offer strong cooling systems and longer warranties, and the computer will be tailored to your needs!

Tahoe Computer Solutions offers FREE evaluations to everybody in the group. If your computer needs fine tuning, or you would like a new one, George can help you out either way and he is available at Tec@tahoetcs.com!

New Business: The group voted unanimously to hire Audrey to promote our website by adding blogs using each businesses key words and tags. She will work on useful links to our webpage and contact each member to link with each other, and the group website.

Old Business: We are working a list of open business categories, to encourage group members to seek out guests.

Next Meeting: Klemer Fine Jewelry

Business of the Week: Sierra Vinyl Signs. Next week – Pioneer Appliance Repair

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