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LTBRN Welcomes Tahoe Production House

Tahoe Production House is your one stop shop for everything Production in South Lake Tahoe. We are a Virtual Digital Production House. Tahoe Production House is a full service photo, video, and sound recording production studio. We are dedicated to developing and producing exceptional and unique independent projects. We offer a state of the art production resource that’s instantly scaleable to fit every audio/video creative need. We welcome anyone to come in a use our equipment. We have cameras, lighting kits, and sound kits for rent. We have a huge studio space for rent with a cyclorama green screen wall. We have an editing suite with every program imaginable to help you really finish out your project from editing to color correction to sound editing.

If you do not have the skills to do it yourself, our experienced, talented, and dependable camera operators, editors, sound mixers, etc. are ready to serve your project and bring a high level of quality and professionalism to your field or studio production.

Our goal is to deliver a captivating product that’s personal to your request. We deal in a wide range of clients and genres, and will tailor a package suited to your individual requirements. Contact Brandi at (530) 600-1416 and give your next production a professional touch!

minutes 9/14/11

Present: Dan Spano, Joe Zarachoff, Carolyn Phillips, Larry Marlow, Brandi Brown, France Carreau, Don Ewing, Don Elston, Brian Cohen, Maricel Brady, Doug Rousse, Sherri Hughes, Scott Mara, Al Coster, Lydia Nelson, Steve Kolesnik , Robert Klemer, Rosie Cowan. “glass lady”. Absent: Leticia, George, Carol, Tim, Richard, Gilbert. Guest scribe: Paula Peterson
General Business Meeting:

Welcome message

The guest speaker today will be Doug Rousse and all there is to know about chocolate. Next week will be Carolyn Phillips on improving our businesses.

Business of the Week this week is Tahoe Computer Solutions. Carolyn asked for an up to date list so she could prepare for each Business of the Week with a logo and business description. She needs all new business’s logo and contact information for the website directory. Carolyn didn’t know how she was supposed to get everything so will get with Carol.

Our Goal: to get systems in place so procedures will flow from one administration to the next. All procedures from Facebook and voting to Business of the Week will be consistent.

Perspective Members: Kim Wyatt is proposed by Carolyn Phillips. Kim owns Bona Fide Books in Meyers and is a book publisher. She is very interested in becoming a member and got approval to start attending. Brandi Brown has proposed Craig Smith who owns Zephyr Visions Marketing. He designs mobile apps and will be under the category of Marketing. What he does doesn’t conflict with current members so he got the approval to start attending.

Technology Update: Facebook is a great place to give thank you’s, not just at meetings. Don’t forget to use it. It was suggested that we add a “review” to our group’s Facebook page so this will be explored. All members are encouraged to use Facebook, share on their own walls what is posted, add videos, comments, etc. Members are also encouraged to utilize the LTBRN website www.tahoebusinessess.com. It was reiterated that Paula concentrates on Facebook and Carolyn’s job is the website.

Board Meeting Update: Dan went over what was voted on at the last meeting (in the previous week’s minutes). So as to not repeat those minutes, here is a summary: A financial report was given. The breakdown of the $750 in donations with $500 being split between one male and one female from STHS and $250 being saved for an upcoming need. Paula will do a press release and a video will be made of the presentation. The school career counselor Laurie will attend a meeting in the near future to accept the check. Carol needs to contact Laurie. If a member drops out and wants to be reinstated they will have to be reapproved for re-entry into the group, it is no longer automatic. The bylaws will be updated with this new policy. The new procedure for new members will be, that on their 3rd meeting, they will be asked to go home while a vote is taken. They will be called by their sponsor will the results of the vote. This is to eliminate the possibility of discomfort should a vote ever go against a perspective member and they come back into the meeting to hear the result.

Coupon book proofs will be at the next meeting so Sherri needs all business’s information right away.

Redwood Printing brought in the new membership packets. They look very nice and will be something all new members get. It was suggested that bylaws be inserted into this packet and that all members can pop their business cards and/or flyers in on the day the new member receives it.

Scott suggested that we get a professional looking email address for the business group. @tahoebusinesses.com instead of a gmail or yahoo address. The group reminded everyone that this looks better for their own business too….get an email address with your domain name.

Fall Mixer: This will be held the first week of October at Lakefront Wedding Chapel. A potluck, casual gathering starting at 5 pm so everyone can enjoy themselves and not worry about running back to work as they do after a morning meeting. Significant others are invited. More details to follow.

Doug Rousse: well, he forgot chocolate but did give an interesting talk about how he got started in the business. He is a retired accountant and moved to Tahoe 10 years ago and bought a framing store. Now he’s the chocolate man and loves it. The new hit is chocolate covered potato chips. He is also going to work with Overland Meats to team up on chocolate covered bacon. When he bought the business it was mainly wholesale but he now has store hours so everyone should stop by and get a great piece of chocolate! For now, hours are W-Sat from noon to 5 but Doug is normally there earlier and on weekends. Find him on Facebook and on his website www.laketahoechocolatefactory.com. He is also going to start some chocolate classes and creating chocolate gift baskets. His grand opening mixer shared with Cakes by Grace will be on October 11.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Paula Peterson

minutes 9/7/11

Minutes 9/7/11

Attendance Present: Leticia, Dan, Scott M., Larry M., Rich, Brian, George, Miguel, Doug, Robert, Gina, Maricel, Steve, Carol, Rosie, Maggie, Donna, France Absent: Scott H., Allen, Tim S. Excused: Joe, Sherri, Larry S., Linda, Carolyn, Tim T., Don Ewing Guest: Brandy Brown

General Business Meeting: Introductions and Thank you’s.

Financial Report: We have a balance of $4987 in our account. To date we have approximately $400 invoiced for accounts receivable for newest members with 2 more members being voted on today. We have $500 due in accounts payable for a charitable contribution for scholarships and anticipated expenses for coupon book and video production.

Promotional idea presented – to add a video on our web site interviewing approximately 5 of our members stating to why they love being a member of LTBRN. The video would also explain how our group is different from a Chamber of Commerce. The video would be edited for use on our local TV station. We can see an example of this on Brian from Overland Meats Face Book Page!

October 15 – November 15 Dan Spano our president will be absent and our Treasurer Joe Zarachoff will run our meetings.

New Members: Welcome to LTBRN, Paige from Tahoe Best Friends, and Brandy Brown from Tahoe Production House. Tahoe Best Friends is a doggie daycare and overnight care facility. Scott Mara will be representing Tahoe Best Friends when Paige is unable to attend meetings. Tahoe Production House is a avenue to create any form of musical, video and digital media for your business or personal use, even saving old photos and videos in digital format! Brandy also has a second business called Princess Productions which helps bring people up to speed with social media.

Board Meeting Highlights:

1- Scholarships, The board approved to allocate $500 total to one STHS boy and one STHS girl for merit/achievements and a grade point average of 3.50 to 4.0. Lori Nurse in the college/career center at the High School will assist us in awarding the scholarship. This will be advertised through a Scholarship list that is e-mailed out to all senior families; it will be announced at the scholarship awards banquet, an announcement of the scholarship will be published in the newspaper, Face Book and our website. We have another $250 to donate to another worthy community cause.

2- Reinstatement, the board approved that any future returning members will be voted on through the process of an e-mail sent out to all members, and board approval.

3- New members, the board approved that the formal procedure on the 3rd meeting when voting on a new member is; the new member will be excused at the end of the meeting and has to leave. Their sponsor will call/contact them to notify them of the results.

4- Trades, the board approved that trades will no longer be done in the future in exchange for membership dues, preferring to compensate members for their professional services.

5- Coupon design, the board approved $250 to be paid to Sherri Hughes for her extra graphic design work on our coupon book.

6- Printing, the board approved to print new member folders, and certificates of membership signed by the LTBRN president for all new and current members.

7- Fall mixer, the board approved to plan a pot luck evening event. Potentially on October 5th at Lakeside Wedding Chapel to network and to better acquaint ourselves with members and their spouses.

8- Digital forms, George volunteered to digitally scan and save all of our applications and forms. He will save them to a cyberspace place with an access e-mail account. The board approved.

Next Meeting: Guest speaker, Doug Rousse – Tahoe Chocolate Factory

Business of the Week: Max Designs. Next week – Tahoe Computer Solutions

Announcements: Scott Mara of Good Dog will begin new dog classes next week: An obedience class, a therapy/service dog class, and an animal actor class.

Benefit for Cody Higgins – Spaghetti dinner supporting a local STHS 16 year old athlete who had a tragic medical setback. Thursday, Sept 8, 5:00 – 7:00p.m. Moose Lodge at 961 Eloise Ave $10 adults, $5 kids 12 and under.

September/October Calendar, Member speaker/presentations:

Sept. 14th Doug Rousse, Tahoe Chocolate Factory. Sept. 21st Carolyn Phillips, Kizmetech. Sept. 28th Doug Rousse, Lake Tahoe Master Framing. Oct. 5th Dr. Brady, Intergraded Wellness Centers. Oct. 12th Carol Daum, Design Scapes. Oct 19th Linda Wilkins, Farmers Insurance. Oct. 26th Joe Zarachoff, Affordable Business Services.

LTBRN Welcomes KizmeTech

KizmeTech logo
Carolyn Phillips from KizmeTech is happy to be back in the Tahoe Basin! KizmeTech offers a wide variety of services to enhance your web presence, such as:

  • Easy social media integration
  • Custom site design
  • Built in blog and content management system
  • Spam free form building
  • Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing
  • Consulting – have an idea but don’t know how to launch it?
  • Custom programming
  • Traiing for you and/or your staff
  • Business owner empowerment
  • Analytics

If you don’ t know exactly how to get started taking advantage of these services, no worries, a free one-hour consultation is always available. You can learn and plan a LOT in an hour! Call Carolyn @ 530-600-0964 to make an appointment.

minutes 8/31/11

Minutes 8/31/11

Attendance Present: Leticia, Dan, Scott H., Sherri, Larry S., Larry M., Carolyn, Rich, Brian, Miguel, Doug, Tim, Robert, Gina, Maricel, Don Elston, Don Ewing, Steve, Carol, Rosie, Maggie. Absent: Scott M., Allen, George, Excused: Joe, Linda Guests: Donna Russell, Tim Schultz, France Carreau, Brandy Brown

Guest Speaker: Robert Klemer Enterprises – Robert moved to Lake Tahoe from Brooklyn in 1982. He was commuting to work at Victors Auto Sales in Placerville and two month later he got a job offer at South Shore Motors here in Lake Tahoe. He was with them for 21 years until they closed. Two months later he went to work for Cardinale Way. 1990 was a good year for Robert; he was the national Subaru dealer. He has sold approximately 3000 cars since he began his career. Buying a car is easier than people think, but the bigger the dealership the more frustrating it is. The advantage for you to buy at Cardinale way is that Robert gets paid a flat rate, when other dealerships pay dealers by commission, so there is no incentive for Robert to sell you a car at a higher price. Robert can get many other brands of cars, as well as the Toyotas for great prices. Our Guest France Carreau stated that “buying a car from Robert was such a pleasant experience…she wishes she could do it over again and again”. Freight on cars is averaged out everywhere, so if you live by a factory you pay the same amount of freight as someone who lives across the country. Sales tax is based on where you live, not on where you purchase a car. Buying a car is the only product where you get to know the factory price, so if you want the best deal you should go see Robert. Robert is available at Cardinale Way Toyota from 10-7. Tuesday through Saturday!

Old Business: If you have any changes or corrections to your business you want listed on our website http://tahoebusinesses.com there is a form you can fill out there to submit for changes. It is found in the member’s only section.

New Business: Our LTBRN Face Book Page now has 90 active users, 50 likes, and had 54 visits this week.

Sherri generously designed on her own time, a giant check that Larry printed for promoting our community donations on Face Book, our website, and the newspaper! We will discuss those donations and other business at tomorrow’s meeting Sept. 7 after our regular meeting.

Welcome newest members, Tim Schultz and Donna Russell from South Shore Glass, and France Carreau from Tahoe Yellow Pager!

Next Meeting: Guest speaker – Tim Treat, South Shore Gutters

Business of the Week: Redwood Printing. Next week – Max Designs

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