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minutes 10/5/11

Minutes 10/5/11

Attendance Present: Brandy, Dan, Scott H, Sherri, Larry S, Larry M, Allen, Tim, Robert, Maricel, Don Elston, Don Ewing, Steve, Carol, Rosie, Tim, Donna, France Absent: Joe, Leticia, Linda, Carolyn, Rich, Brian, George, Miguel, Doug Excused: Gina Guests: Kim Wyatt, David Smith

General Business Meeting: Introductions and Thank you’s.

Larry Sabo made a motion adding to our one year rule, case by case basis. If we accept a new member with less than one year in business in Tahoe, they shall have a 90 day probationary period, “without” being added to the brochure or website. Their dues are due at the beginning of the probationary period and are refundable if the group does not vote on permanent membership after the 90 days. They still have to attend 3 guest meetings before the group votes on a probationary membership. Brandy 2nd the motion and the group voted for it.

We have finished printing New Member Packets, and Prospective Member Packets.

George is heading up the committee for Trick or Treat Street with Brandy’s help. Members are encouraged to help attend to our booth to hand out candy from 5-8p.m on Halloween Oct 31st at the Pine Cone Acre Motel on Hwy 89.

Reminder that our Fall Evening Mixer is next Wed. Oct 12th from 5-7p.m. at Lakefront Wedding Chapel. Members are reminded to bring a designated side dish, a large bag of Halloween Candy and a coat in good condition to donate for Trick or Treat Street and Coats for Kids. We will also be holding our Wednesday morning meeting at the Blue Angle Café as well.

Board Meeting Highlights:

  1. Welcome Kim Wyatt from Bonified Books was voted into our group at the board meeting.
  2. Two of our potential new members have been in business in Tahoe less than a year where our new 90 day probationary period could apply if voted into the group.
  3. The board approved $250 to do a promotional video highlighting our group and the value of networking. Brandy from Tahoe Production House will create a sign-up sheet. The “first 5 members” who would like to sign-up to highlight their business in this video can pay $50 and will also receive their own video link on U-Tube to use to promote their own business on their websites, Face Book etc. gaining search engine optimization. The group will then vote to approve additional ways to promote the videos on Chamber e-mail blasts, Television etc. as well as, posting it to the LTBRN website and Face Book page. The group may continue to produce new videos giving all our members a chance to participate.
  4. The board discussed getting pricing to print 500 and 750 directory/coupon books in the future and setting a goal of printing every January and June.
  5. 2 members were low on attendance in the 3rd quarter. Tim Treat, who made up a meeting today attending todays board meeting, and Allen Coster.

Next Meeting: Guest speaker – Dr. Maricel Brady DC, Integrated Wellness Centers

Business of the Week: Winters Electric, Next Week – Klemer Fine Jewelry

Business of the Week: Winters Electric

Logo for Winters ElectricThe business of the week is Winter’s Electric. Locally owned and operated since 1979, the leading electrical contractor in Lake Tahoe. Winter’s Electric has radio dispatched electricians that can be quickly routed to help you. Whether you need general electrical troubleshooting, heat tape, service changes, indoor/outdoor lighting or home automation Winters can help! Call 530-541-8880 or visit www.winterstahoe.com to schedule your FREE estimate.

minutes 9/28/11

Minutes 9/28/11

Attendance Present: Brandy, Leticia, Dan, Scott H, Scott M, Sherri, Larry S, Larry M, Linda, Carolyn, Allen, Brian, George, Miguel, Doug, Maricel, Don Elston, Don Ewing, Steve, Carol, Rosie, Maggie, Donna, France Absent: Tim, Robert Excused: Joe, Gina, Rich Guest: Kim Wyatt

Guest Speaker: Doug Rousse – Tahoe Master Framing. Doug started his business in 1993 and now his son runs it. His original frame shop is the “Fast Frame” located by the Home Depot in Carson City. Tahoe master framing supplies artwork, posters, prints, vintage prints, and fixed frames; as well as, custom framing! They can produce any size print on canvas or paper. The canvas they use is high grade UV protected. They have the best mounting equipment around the lake that can do sizes up to 44”wide and up to any length. Doug has a associate that can enlarge photographs, keeping the pixilation low, to provide good quality framed photographs. Doug is very involved with the art department at the community college. He offers a weekend framing class that his master framer is now teaching at the college and Master Framing offers art students many matting and framing avenues for their projects. If you have a need to display any type accessory or artwork, Master Framing has a way do it to fit any taste or budget! Look for his 20% off coupon in our LTBRN coupon book!

New Business: Our business directory coupon books are complete and were passed out at the meeting. Larry M. is storing the extras if you need some more.

A QR scan code was printed on the back of our coupon book. This application allows I phone users to scan this code with their cameras and it will take them to our LTBRN website. People scan this code to look for discounts and free stuff, and as a easy way to remember a website.

October 5th is our board meeting immediately after the general meeting! This is a new quarter for attendance and it counts as a makeup meeting if you need to miss one in the 4th quarter!

Next Meeting: Guest speaker Dr. Brady!

Business of the Week: Dr. Kahn. Next week: Winters Electric

Announcements: The Chocolate Factory is having a grand opening on October 11 starting at 4p.m. Paring wine with chocolate!

Our LTBRN Fall Evening Mixer has been changed to October 12th from 5-7p.m. at Lakefront Wedding Chapel. Please refer to the flyer that was e-mailed to our members earlier this week for what to bring.

LTBRN Welcomes Big Blue Spa

Big Blue Spa Service and Repair is owned and operated by Maggie Wattle and Alisa Ashbaugh. Service is available on all shores of Lake Tahoe. They commit to providing affordable service and repair, quality workmanship, and integrity in how they treat clients and their hot tubs. They are the official warranty repair company for Arctic Spas, Master Spas, Strong Spas, Dimension One Spas.

Big Blue Spa specializes in:
  • prompt response times
  • thorough service
  • expedient repairs
  • flexible service schedules.

Call 530-307-0437 or visit our website for a free diagnosis on tubs up to 30 minutes.

minutes 9/21/11

Minutes 9/21/11

Attendance present: Joe, Leticia, Dan, Scott H., Sherri, Larry M., Linda, Carolyn Brian, George, Miguel, Doug, Robert, Gina, Maricel, Don Elston, Don Ewing, Steve, Carol, Rosie, Maggie, Tim, France Absent: Tim, Rich, Allen, Scott M. Guests: David Smith, Kim Wyatt

Guest Speaker: Carolyn Phillips – Kizmetec, Carolyn’s business of web development is 4 years old, prior to that she worked for 8 years in IT technology positions. She has also worked with Dan Spano on SEO. Carolyn puts technology behind the websites she develops from her past experience and what she has learned from her own vacation rental business web site. Key points to build a better website are, Google analytics which is free, and takes 10 minutes to install. It shows you if your money spent on your website is working. Adding a feed burner tool owned by Google for social media lets you put a post up on your website and it feeds it to Twitter and Face Book to engage your audience. Everybody gets a free 1 hour evaluation/consultation for web development. Kizmetec adds individual titles and descriptions on each of your web pages for search engine optimization and they build web sites using three types of platforms: Word Press, Jumela, and Life Ray. Carolyn wants to help you create a website for your business that you can manage easily yourself. She does not want to be in your back pocket forever, which it the key to her success. If you would like a “free” consultation with Kizmetec, call 207.604. 4361.

Next week’s guest speaker is Doug Rousse from Tahoe Master Framing!

New Business: A suggestion/offer was made by George from Tahoe Computer Solutions to participate in this year’s Halloween Trick-or-Treat street by having each of our members donate one bag of candy which can be brought to the October 5th meeting or evening mixer. George will man the booth. Miguel of Sierra Vinyl Signs will make us a banner. Dr. Brady offered to do free massages, and we will have our newest coupon books on hand to pass out.

Carol is to Call Lori Nelson at the STHS career center to see if she can attend one of our meetings.

We had a suggestion to use Face Book to post our thank you’s for doing business with each other.

Old Business: Our upcoming mixer will be on October 5th from 5-7p.m. at Lakefront Weddings. Everyone will be asked to bring a simple pot luck dish, and a bag of candy to donate. Stay tuned for an e-mail announcement and a flyer at the next meeting!

Business of the Week: Elston Investigations, Next week – Dr. Kahn optometrist

Announcements: France Carreau from Tahoe Yellow Pager announced that if you purchase a phone from her store you only pay sales tax on your purchase price…even with a sale or promotion! Something all of our businesses do; however, All other cell phone dealers charge sales tax on the “higher” suggested retail price. This can save you $50 on an I phone 4. This information is a benefit of being a member of LTBRN.

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